PCB Assembly Capability
Order Quantity1-50,000pcs(including prototype)
ComponentsSMD and THT
From size 0402.0201 to 01005
Assembly MethodSingle and double-sided/SMD and THT/SMT and Thru-hole
Ball Grid Array(BGA)As small as 0.5mm pitch
All BGA placements are inspected by X-Ray
Components PackagePoles,Reels,Tape Strips,Bulk Supply
Maximum Componentsize55*55*15mm
Fine Pitch from 0.4mm
Minimum Pin width 0.2mm
SolderLead free and conforming to DIN 32513,ISO,EN29454,IPC 650
Related TestAol & X-Ray Inspection,Flying Probe Test and in Circuit Test
File formatBOM & Gerber files

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